IT Services

Full IT Consultancy

- From Software Development to Implementation, Infrastructure and 24×7 Support -

When, Where and How You Need it

Our consulting service gives clients the chance to take advantage of our knowledge and experience and make the correct decisions across their entire IT requirement, present and future, whilst never losing sight of changes in the business environment that will undoubtedly arise.

The infrastructure engineering and the software development teams work closely together to develop optimum solutions that seamlessly solve all aspects of a complete systems and IT requirement:

Software Development

Data Management



Database Design

Reporting Systems


24×7 Ongoing Support

Scanning and Printing

Network Design


By working closely together the teams are able to develop complete, secure and stable solutions, highly scalable and resilient against backgrounds of rapid expansion.

Jointly developed solutions have benefited SME’s and large organisations alike and met the exacting standards of financial institutions and government agencies

ARKS’ Full IT Consultancy provides the complete support for business growth