Our mission is to empower the underprivileged meritorious students to achieve their dreams.


With growing educational costs, it has become impossible for most of the students from poor families to pursue their goals. There are many students who have the ability and potential to become what they really dream about, but the financial situation of their respective families does not support their dream.

Our Story:

ARKS Group is built on five simple words put together “We Succeed with Your Success”, which is what we believe in whatever we do. We want to see more students succeed in achieving their dreams, supporting their families and contributing to growth of the country.

We have the vision to support extremely talented underprivileged students to achieve their dreams and assist them in their career in whatever way we could.

What we do?

  • We sponsor educational expenses to students who have excellent academic credentials, but come from a poor financial background.
  • We provide career advice.
  • We track your progress and provide suggestions as necessary.


  • Excellent academic credentials at all levels
  • Extremely hardworking nature
  • Passion to achieve your dreams
  • Ability to focus on the goal

Selection Procedure:

Due to very high number of applications we receive there are four levels of assessment to filter the applications and select the right candidate.

  • Review of your academic credentials
  • Assessment of your financial background
  • Personal Interview of the applicant with our team in India
  • Telephone Interview with the sponsors

How to Apply?

If you are confident that you satisfy all the requirements above then send your applications to with scanned copies of your certificates and statement of purpose including details of why you need sponsorship, your family background and your goals.